Art for Nurseries & Children’s Rooms..

Are you planning on decorating or updating your child’s bedroom? Or perhaps you are getting ready for a new arrival and need something to brighten up a nursery? We are sure to have something wonderful here at Tilt! You can choose from 100’s of designs by lots of lovely talented artists and we have products such as Framed Prints, Canvases, and Cushions that would look lovely in a little one’s bedroom or nursery. Below i have put together some of our favourite artwork for Children or babies. We hope you like it!

5,4,3,2,1, liftoff! To get us started i’v chosen this cute pattern design by our lovely Artist Kathrin Legg. Kathrin’s portfolio is full of fabulous designs especially for children so she will probably crop up again further down on this blog 🙂 We think these dinky rockets look fab on our cushions, you get a wide choice of colours for the suede effect backing such as grey, blue, pink, and many more. You can find Kathrin’s Rocket cushion here

Attention!! Oh how we love this adorable design of the British Royal Guard by Juliana Motzko, we especially like it on one of our Framed Canvas Prints with the lovely chunky black frame, the blue background and the little red uniformed soldiers really make it stand out! Juliana has tons of children’s design, she herself is an art teacher! you can find this fab design by Juliana by follow the link link to our website:

The next artwork is inspired by a couple of crowd pleasers, i present to you one of the most famous animated couples, Mickey & Minnie Mouse! Love is Here is a Disney inspired design by Mary Edenoa and looks perfect in a babie’s nursery as a beautiful framed print. It’s such a cute a colourful design that it makes a fantastic gift for a newborn or perhaps a christening celebration present. Love is Here if you follow this link:

Peekaboo!! Who wouldn’t love a cutesy Peekaboo Bunny in their bedrooom!? I love this artwork for a nursery, it looks so good with the white frame and gives a great fresh and clean look perfect to go with pastel shades or bolder colours. It can pretty much go with any colour scheme and we have it in black & oak effect too! Adorn your babies room with a bunny that is as cute as they are 🙂

So Unicorns have to appear somewhere in this list right!? we’ve chosen this pattern unicorn design by Emery Allard Smith because it’s seriously colourful and looks amazing on our cushions! The design is called Rainbow Galaxy Unicorns and is just one of a whole portfolio full of gorgeous designs by Emery which can be viewed here.

Here is the last design and it is another by Artist Kathrin Legg, this one is probably my favourite as it features and cute girl bear dressed up and looking for an adventure! i like this artwork as a framed print with the oak frame but looks equally as good with the white or black version or even as a simple canvas. you can view this design on our website by following the link.

We hope you like our blog and hope it’s is giving you a little inspiration on decorating your children’s rooms!

Competition Time at Tilt

For International Women’s Day we decided we would run our first ever competition here at Tilt! As we have so much art available we thought we should narrow the prize down to a print of an iconic woman in history. We still had lots to choose from but after some thought we decided to go with one of our lovely colourful Frida Kahlo prints by artist Nettsch.

Frida con amigos by Nettsch

The Story of Frida….

Frida Kahlo was an iconic Mexican artist, born to a German father and Mexican mother, she grew up in Mexico. Unfortunately she was disabled early on in life when she caught polio but still went on to become a promising medical student until a traffic accident when she was 18 left her in constant pain and bed ridden for months. After this she threw herself into her favourite past time of painting.

Frida Kahlo

Further on in life Kahlo joined the Mexican Communist Party and married fellow Mexican artist Diego Riviera and at this stage was mainly known as his wife not as an artist in her own right. It wasn’t until 1938 that she got her first solo exhibition in New York which as a great success!

Self Portrait with Necklace by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo‘s later work was best described as Mexican Folk Art due to it’s “fantasy, naivety, and fascination with violence and death” (extract from Oxford Art Online). Frida is now thought as a important feminist and LGBT movement activist. Her art is shown all over the world and her residences are opened to the public as museums. Although she only lived to the age of 47 her influence on art and feminism is so important, which is why she is celebrated across the globe.

Frida and Diego Riviera by Frida Kahlo

Notable work by Frida Kahlo includes, Memory,the Heart (1937), the Two Frida’s (1939), Necklace & Hummingbird (1940). andThe Broken Column (1944).

The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo

If you are inspired by Frida Kahlo you should really get over to our Facebook page and enter our competition to win a Friday Kahlo inspired print by Nettsch. All you need to do is like, share, and comment with a woman who inspires you, this can be a famous person or even someone a little closer to home.

Follow this link to enter our Facebook Competition.

International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March so we’ve put together some of our favourite art inspired by iconic women for you to feel empowered by!

Audrey Hepburn by Stephen Ginever is a fabulous digital black and white print of an iconic scene in Hepburn’s most famous movie role as Scarlett Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s released in 1961. You can view other work by Stephen in his portfolio by clicking here.

Frida Kahlo the iconic Mexican artist most famous for her self portraits inspired by pop culture of the time. here she is depicted by artist Notsniwart handdrawn on a pink background surrounded by beautiful butterflies and still sporting her famous monobrow.

Kate Moss is one of the worlds most famous models, scouted at the age of 14 and still going strong at 45, she’s an inspiration to many. This print is showing the funny side to this iconic women and is called ‘Kate Moss Moustache is no Joke’.

Can you get anymore iconic than the Statue of Liberty. This iconic lady the goddess Liberas is a symbol of freedom and of the United States of America and is a welcome site to all that travel to New York. This print is by artist Louise Cairn Artist and is available here.

Madonna is iconic for her music, movies, and fashion! A true talented allrounder it’s no surprise she is an icon to women all over the world. This artwork by Notsniwart is celebrating Madonna’s amazing style and iconic outfits throughout her career. Click here to purchase art by Notsniwart.