Art by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Elisabeth Fredriksson is one of our most popular independent artists, her graphic design style artwork is a huge hit with Tilt customers with especial focus on some of the geometric styles which prove popular on our coasters, cushions, canvases, and framed prints. Elisabeth Fredriksson comes from Sweden where she grew up watching her mother painting with the use of oil paints and her love of art stemmed from here and grew until she found her own style in the form of the graphic art she loves to create! Below we have put together a little list of some of our favourite Elisabeth Fredriksson artwork for you to take a look at and don’t forget you can view her whole profile by clicking this link Elisabeth Fredriksson.

Feathered Copper Black by Elisabeth Fredriksson is one of our top selling designs, it’s so popular for cushions and phone cases. We love Featered Copper Black because it’s so dimensional and the colours are so rich.

Stained Glass 3 looks totally amazing on our phone cases! This is such a lovely subtle colourful design, it’s really pretty and one of our firm Elisabeth Fredriksson favourites.

There isn’t any where in your home that Elisabeth Fredriksson designs don’t look good! Take this design ‘A Cup of Happiness‘ which looks fabulous as a Framed Canvas Print which would look amazing in your kitchen 🙂

Art Deco Blue Fancy‘ by Elisabeth Fredriksson is a seriously popular design with the coaster lovers out there! This dark blue design looks so chic on a smart coffee table or around the dinner table at dinner parties, it’s totally on trend!

White Stone II is such a crowd pleaser and so very popular as a Framed Art print in White, Black, or the Oak effect frame. Update your home with this amazing Elisabeth Fredriksson Framed Art print, or perhaps you prefer the cushion version? You can check out all the products available with this geometric design 🙂 White Stone II

One of Elisabeth Fredriksson‘s more quirky design but probably my favourite is ‘Strange Little Bunny’, this looks totally adorable in a Children’s nursery or bedroom, available as an Strange Little Bunny Art Print, cushion, key-ring, canvas, or even one of our fab phone cases!

So hear we have some of our top favourite Elisabeth Fredriksson Art designs, now head over to Tilt to check out everything that Elisabeth Fredriksson has on offer, there may be something there that is just for you!

Floral Art

Floral Art

We have a wonderful array of Floral Art designs here at so you are sure to find something to suit your taste and colour scheme. Our fantastic artists have much to offer with their floral artwork and designs so we’ve put together a list of some of our best sellers for you to take a look at!

This cushion is showcasing a vibrant design called ‘Floral Bunch‘ by 83Oranges, it looks fantastic on textiles such as the cushions and wallet cases but equally impressive as an art print. for more designs by 83Oranges just Click Here

Floral Pineapples‘is by artist Amaya who specialises in Watercolours, amaya loves bright colours and this is reflected in this floral piece which looks simple yet amazing framed in a chunky black or white frame. If you like what you see you can take a look at Amaya’a portfolio by clicking Here.

Emery Allard-Smith is a brilliant choice for textiles and homeware especially this floral design called simply ‘Floral‘ is is so pretty yet colourful, again another artist who works with watercolours to bring a delicate feel to her artwork. for more designs by Emery please check out her portfolio but clicking Here.

Floral‘ by Kathrin Legg is really pretty and pale in pastel colours. It looks great on all our products, particularly cushions, phone cases, and canvases. more designs by Kathrin Legg can be found in her portfolio Here.

Frida Kahlo fans will love this floral depiction by Desiree Feldmann, the artwork, made up from hand drawn illustrations and photography certainly has a botanical theme to it! Add to that Frida’s cult status and you’ve got an amazing design! Desiree Feldmann has plenty more gems where this came from you can catch more of her artwork in her Tilt portfolio Here.

Mother’s Day Gifts with a Twist…

With Mothers Day Fast approaching on Sunday 31st March 2019 it’s probably time to star thinking about what you would like to get for your Mum! We have a fantastic selection of art available on numerous products which would make the ideal Mothers Day gift. To get you started we thought we would share some of our artists designs which are perfect for a Mother’s Day gift with a difference. We’ve selected some really quirky designs for gift ideas so we hope you like them 🙂 (a lot of these designs feature beverages)

‘I like Big Cups’ print by OraraStudio…

For the tea & coffee loving Mother we have some ideal designs from the likes of OraraStudio & Elisabeth Fredriksson, the first being ‘I like Big Cups‘ by OraraStudio, which a lovely hand drawn illustration of a mug with text that is a play on the Sir Mix-alot tracked ‘Baby got back’. this is a really fun design and would make a great print or even on one of our mugs! OraraStudio has numerous quirky designs that might tempt you. Not your cup of tea (pun very much intended :)). Elisabeth Fredricksson’s may be for you. ‘A cup of happiness ‘ by fredriksson/pretty-coffee-cups‘ is a cute and quirky design featuring a selection of pretty coffee cups, it would look great on a canvas hung in the kitchen or beside a bed.

Make your mum happy with this cute coffee design by Elisabeth_Fredriksson!

For the next beverage related Mother’s day gift i give you Gin….. Yes one of the most popular alcoholic drinks for Mums is our good friend Gin, or commonly known as Mother’s ruin! Here is a quirky Gin design perfect for printing on one of our mugs for those Gin enthusiasts out there, ‘Sssh There’s Gin in Here‘ by Prosecco-Gin. For more Gin designs just click on this link – Gin Designs

It’s always Gin O’Clock!

It’s bubbly & delicious, yes you guessed it! It’s…..Prosecco! This is a favourite tipple to many, and many Mum’s are big fans! We have plenty of Prosecco designs to choose from, mainly by artist Prosecco-Gin who’s speciality is in the drinks sector 🙂 We like this cute pink design called ‘But First Prosecco‘, it’s perfect on any of our products such as cushions, phone cases or even canvases! Your Mum is sure to love it!

Whatever drink is your Mother’s tipple you are sure to fine something that she will love this Mother’s Day!!

‘Life Begins after Coffee2’ by MelanieViola