Competition Time at Tilt

For International Women’s Day we decided we would run our first ever competition here at Tilt! As we have so much art available we thought we should narrow the prize down to a print of an iconic woman in history. We still had lots to choose from but after some thought we decided to go with one of our lovely colourful Frida Kahlo prints by artist Nettsch.

Frida con amigos by Nettsch

The Story of Frida….

Frida Kahlo was an iconic Mexican artist, born to a German father and Mexican mother, she grew up in Mexico. Unfortunately she was disabled early on in life when she caught polio but still went on to become a promising medical student until a traffic accident when she was 18 left her in constant pain and bed ridden for months. After this she threw herself into her favourite past time of painting.

Frida Kahlo

Further on in life Kahlo joined the Mexican Communist Party and married fellow Mexican artist Diego Riviera and at this stage was mainly known as his wife not as an artist in her own right. It wasn’t until 1938 that she got her first solo exhibition in New York which as a great success!

Self Portrait with Necklace by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo‘s later work was best described as Mexican Folk Art due to it’s “fantasy, naivety, and fascination with violence and death” (extract from Oxford Art Online). Frida is now thought as a important feminist and LGBT movement activist. Her art is shown all over the world and her residences are opened to the public as museums. Although she only lived to the age of 47 her influence on art and feminism is so important, which is why she is celebrated across the globe.

Frida and Diego Riviera by Frida Kahlo

Notable work by Frida Kahlo includes, Memory,the Heart (1937), the Two Frida’s (1939), Necklace & Hummingbird (1940). andThe Broken Column (1944).

The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo

If you are inspired by Frida Kahlo you should really get over to our Facebook page and enter our competition to win a Friday Kahlo inspired print by Nettsch. All you need to do is like, share, and comment with a woman who inspires you, this can be a famous person or even someone a little closer to home.

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Framed Art Prints

Finding new art for beautiful Framed Prints is now easy with Tilt! We specialise in affordable wall art so you can expect quality when you purchase any of our framed art prints or canvases. We do all sorts of sizes in black, white, & oak frames and hope to add more to our range very soon! To help you find what you’re looking for we’ve put together some of our most popular designs that look incredible as framed prints. Come and take a look!

Geo Rose Gold is by Elisabeth Fredriksson, this minimal geographic design looks amazing in framed print form. This artists portfolio is bursting with designs so go check it if you like this, just follow this link.

Rappers Delight is one of our most popular designs as a framed print, this design is by Honeymoon Hotel and has the song lyrics to the song ‘Rapper’s delight’ by The Sugar Hill Gang. honeymoon hotel have lots more art to offer so check out the portfolio by clicking HERE

Frida Con Amigos by Nettsch is a colourful boho style print which celebrates that famous monobrow and icon Frida Kahlo! see here with a cigarette and a cup of tea in a tropical backdrop. If Frida is your thing Nettsch has a few more you might like too. Just follow this Link

This colourful cow art is called Highland Cow which comes in all sorts of colour options and sizes, the artist is also named Highland Cow so you can find many more designs in his portfolio, all cow related of course! Just click here to check it out.

One of my favs, this whimsical framed print is called Color Drops and is by artist Ninola Designs. It’s so simple but lovely and looks great as a framed print! Ninola Design have lots and lots of similar artwork so if you like this go over to their portfolio to view some more delights, just click here.

This photographic digital artwork is called Freedom of the Forest by ImageFusionArt, it shows a beautiful horse galloping through water beyond towards the forest and has a real magical quality about especially as a framed print it looks amazing! ImagefusionArt has lots to offer in this style so you are welcome to take a look at their portfolio here.

Floral Art

Floral Art

We have a wonderful array of Floral Art designs here at so you are sure to find something to suit your taste and colour scheme. Our fantastic artists have much to offer with their floral artwork and designs so we’ve put together a list of some of our best sellers for you to take a look at!

This cushion is showcasing a vibrant design called ‘Floral Bunch‘ by 83Oranges, it looks fantastic on textiles such as the cushions and wallet cases but equally impressive as an art print. for more designs by 83Oranges just Click Here

Floral Pineapples‘is by artist Amaya who specialises in Watercolours, amaya loves bright colours and this is reflected in this floral piece which looks simple yet amazing framed in a chunky black or white frame. If you like what you see you can take a look at Amaya’a portfolio by clicking Here.

Emery Allard-Smith is a brilliant choice for textiles and homeware especially this floral design called simply ‘Floral‘ is is so pretty yet colourful, again another artist who works with watercolours to bring a delicate feel to her artwork. for more designs by Emery please check out her portfolio but clicking Here.

Floral‘ by Kathrin Legg is really pretty and pale in pastel colours. It looks great on all our products, particularly cushions, phone cases, and canvases. more designs by Kathrin Legg can be found in her portfolio Here.

Frida Kahlo fans will love this floral depiction by Desiree Feldmann, the artwork, made up from hand drawn illustrations and photography certainly has a botanical theme to it! Add to that Frida’s cult status and you’ve got an amazing design! Desiree Feldmann has plenty more gems where this came from you can catch more of her artwork in her Tilt portfolio Here.